The Ugly Duckling Eats

SKU0759_WebYesterday afternoon as I am driving home from work, my high school best friend and the only soul from that era whom I still keep in contact with, sends me a text message. After we exchanged a couple of greetings, formalities and pleasantries, girlfriend gets right down to business and the reason why she texted me. Her words ran along the lines of how much she looks forward to reading my posts and how she loves my creativity in writing. So far so good. I’m feeling good about myself. Shit, my best friend from high school thinks I can write! I’ve accomplished something. But then she said something that hit me right in the face. She said: “lately I feel like I am reading a novel that is a page turner!”

Hold up.

Did she just say novel? Did my best friend from high school just took 10 minutes from her life to tell me I’ve been writing up a storm of a novel? That’s it Ugly Duckling! You’ve crossed the line. This is not what we came here for, ya know? You gotta stop girlfriend, and you gotta stop now.

As for my bestie, girl: THANK YOU! You gave me a dose of reality in just two lines. Thank you. No, really, I mean it.

The Ugly Duckling was not conceived for drama. Well, maybe some, a healthy dose. But not full-blown-novel-drama?! Nope. Negative ghost rider. Go on and find your way back. You came here to talk about life. And that constitutes far more than just that inevitable part of life we call heartbreak. It’s much more than that.

That’s why today we will start off a new section called The Ugly Duckling Eats. Yup. She eats. And she loves it. In this section we will share mouthwatering recipes, our review of some local and/or international eats as they occur, and also how to balance fitness and healthy eating.

The Ugly Duckling gets down to business, or shall we say eating? And while yes, we may sulk on our broken hearts every now and then, we will stop boring you with our…uhum…novel.  After all, it’s really difficult to cry with a full mouth…of food. *wink*

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2 thoughts on “The Ugly Duckling Eats

  1. Anita Asgarali September 8, 2016 / 10:35 pm

    These days Everyone is a critic !!



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