36 Feathers From the Duck

largeToday is my birthday. I’m turning 36. Older or younger, doesn’t really matter anymore, for it is only a matter of perspective. Absolutely relative. So at the age of 36, sitting at the edge of one of the toughest times of my life, here I stamp the 36 things life has taught me, and taught me well.

1. Your birthday is important. No matter what the party-poopers want to make you believe, IT IS NOT just another day. You were born this day for God’s sake! Make it a fucking holiday!

2. The best gifts in life are only measurable in seconds. Time my friends, time is precious.

3. Makeup is good for your soul. Don’t use cheap one. And certainly, don’t use too much.

4. Men are like stilettos. They look great on display, but you really don’t know how painful they can be until you try them on.

5. Being patient pays. But saying what’s on your mind right there and there when you feel like it, it’s priceless. Don’t hold back.

6. Individualism rules. Collectivism is deadly. Be you. Fuck the rest.

7. Hunger is a teacher. Eat healthy, but don’t forget to treat yourself. You’ll never know when you’ll go to bed with an empty stomach.

9. Middle school is cruel. But those are also your foundation years. Those are the years to begin sacrificing so you can see fruits later.

10. Crying is a escape valve. Cry and cry often. Don’t hold it. Find the saddest songs. Let it out. Wail with your lungs. You will find that from one second to the next, you’d stop crying and didn’t even know why.

11. Sadness is a place. Visit it. Learn it well. Make a mental map of it. Draw escape routes. And you will know the difference when happiness comes around.

12. Heartbreak consumes you, destroys you but it’s entirely survivable. No one, I mean this, no one dies of heartbreak.

13. Write things down. Feelings, experiences, names, phone numbers. Write it all. You’d be surprised years later when you read what you wrote, how life changes. You change.

14. Put songs on re-play. Play them so much, you learn to recognize when the singer stops to breathe. Then find another song. Put it on re-play too.

15. Buy yourself flowers. Don’t wait for anyone to show up at your doorstep with a bouquet of your favorite. Be your biggest admirer.

16. It’s ok to be lazy. Don’t do a thing for a day. The world doesn’t stop because you take a break. Overachieving kills people. And makes you miss birthdays.

17. Look forward to something. Anything. Keep hope alive by having goals, expecting something or someone. Live each day as if you were going on vacation tomorrow. Excitement is fuel.

18. LEARN TO SAY NO. People pray on good souls. They abuse. Say no if you don’t want to do it.

19. Pay attention. The world does not revolve about you, but around you. Observe. You’d be surprised the things you’d discover if you just open your eyes.

20. Disappointment is inevitable. People are not in this world to serve you. Keep your standards high, but your expectations low.

21. Friends are family. Pick them wisely. Give yourself to them fully.  They save lives. Shed the ones that don’t make your soul sparkle.

22. Forgive yourself. You are human. It’s ok to make mistakes.

23. Read. Read so much you forget if you saw that on a book or on real life. Read so much, your DNA has an ISBN number.

24. Hoard books too. You may not have time to read them now. But one day it’s all you’d want to do.

25. Fall in love. Often. With different people or the same person. It doesn’t matter. Just love someone.

26. Love is a hormone. After a few years it stops working. It’s up to you to keep it pumping.

27. Your parents are your pillars. Keep your relationship strong. Visit them often. Speak to them everyday. Love them. They are the reason you are here today. Appreciate their struggle to raise you.

28. Believe in something. God, the Universe, Money. Believe. Faith is what keeps you alive.

29. Laugh. Laugh loud, by yourself, with someone. At yourself. Laugh even if you’re crying.

30. Sex is good for you. Have it. And have it often. Don’t be afraid to show who you are in bed. No one has the right answer. It’s a game. Play it well.

31. Technology is your best friend. And your worst enemy. Learn it. Keep up with it.

32. You are important to who you are important to. Simple as that. Those who don’t care, won’t do. It’s a matter of priorities.

33. Falling out of love is scary. Ending a relationship it’s overwhelming. Deal with it one step at a time. There’s no right way to leave.

34. Challenges will come your way. Some will teach you a lesson. Some will bring you to your knees. Face the struggle. “If you’re going thru hell, keep going.”

35. Your child is the reason for your existence. You were chosen. They are your God. Worship them.

36. Eva Luna: You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Your condition has taught me patience beyond my limits. Your innocence floors me. Your love keeps me breathing. No one, NO ONE, holds my heart in their hands like you do. I am for you. I exist for you. And I will live for you. You, my princess, are the only reason I can’t give up on life.

*Photo credit: http://data3.whicdn.com/images/18775044/large.jpg

2 thoughts on “36 Feathers From the Duck

  1. Magaly Puerta January 20, 2015 / 3:27 am

    Wise and beautiful, is a placer read this blog, happy birthday!


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